March 9, 2019

Dream Big

This quote immediately resonates with me as soon as I saw it. 

I was a small town girl from a lower middle-class family but I have lofty dreams. I have wanted to become a doctor as early as first grade, or even earlier I think, yet I do not know how. There's no doctor in my immediate family circle so I didn't have someone to pave the way for me or a role model except my Mom's OB-Gyn and our family pediatrician. I heard one time when I was small how costly it is to enter medical school so I wondered if my parents can even afford to send me to medschool with their meager salary as government employees. Moreover, I have five other siblings that my parents need to support. 

 In spite of our socio-economic status, my parents never discouraged me about my dreams. One time as my father and I were waiting for my mom in her office, I was scanning through an atlas sitting on my mom's table waiting to be catalogued (she's a librarian). My father, out of the blue, told me that if I study hard and get a good education then I will be able to go out and see the world. His words stuck with me and I lived by it.

 Life has way a mysterious way of putting things into its right place. Through God's grace and hardwork, my parents climbed the ladder of their professional success, hence they were able to put me through med school without selling lands and carabao. I'm just kidding, we don't have carabao. 

I am the first doctor from both sides of my family and as an advocate of dreaming big (lol at advocate), I always tell my siblings when they were younger and even my cousins to dream tall and big and work on it. It is important to work on your dreams, to act on it. You are what you think and that will eventually what you will be. 

My father was right after all. My education opened a lot of opportunities for me and yes, it brought me out to see the world. So for every country that my siblings and I go to, there is always a mandatory report to Papa about our experiences and insights. Hahaha!

 In shaa Allah, I will still continue to dream and work even harder, this time though it is no longer for myself but for my children. #Ronsiblings

March 4, 2019

OMMC Family Medicine 2020 . #resAidency2019 #FM2020

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Batch love. ❤ @jenn_mari_javi . #resAidency2019 #FM2020

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OMMC Department of Family and Community Medicine Residents 2019. . #resAidency2019

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With our Department Chair, Vice Chair @docpaolo414 and Training Officer. . #resAidency2019

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Why so serious? -Chief Emyr . #resAidency2019

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Residents and Consultants of the Department of Family and Community Medicine. . #resAidency2019

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